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Advanced self-locking system making the screen easy to operate and it can be locked at any height.And you just need to slightly pull it, then it will bound back to the top casing.

Multilateral shape of aluminium alloy streamlined casing, easy to install and hang on the wall. Casing in white, black and other colors to match the interior decoration.

Using high-quality screen material, the screen can display a clearer, more realistic images and the picture shown on the screen can meet top standards.

Applied to meeting rooms,exhibition hall,Multimedia integrated audio visual classroom and other classroom and home theater.

size(length × height) Screen varieties No stitching
Inches or feet MM(mm) Glass bead Matte white
50"×50" 1270×1270
45"×60"(75") 1530×1140
60"×60" 1530×1530
50"×67"(84") 1710×1280
70"×70" 1800×1800
60"×80"(100") 2030×1530
84"×84" 2130×2130
72"×96"(120") 2440×1830
96"×96" 2440×2440
81"×108"(135") 2740×2060
108"×108" 2740×2740
8"×10"(150") 3050×2290
120"×120" 3050×3050
All above manual screen parameters include black border, other sizes can be customized according to customer's request

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