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Stylish and elegant and full of user-friendly design. Casing in white color, black color, wood color will provide different decorative effect for your room, presenting your unique style and personality.

Professional technique based screen will provide best visual effect, presenting clear,bright and vivid image, which is the so-called “persue perfection in per one tenth square millimeter”

Built-in minitype motor with rotate speed of 28r/min, running smoothly with a shock-proof&noise suppression system, making it quiet in operation.Besides, the thermal protection systems greatly extend the motor's life.

A variety of control systems different from the traditional control type- built-in or external remote control, integration of micro-switch and wireless control, easy to operate, easy to upgrade. At present,the sole owner.

size(length× height) Screen varieties No stitching
Inches or feet MM(mm) Glass beaded Matte white
50"×50" 1270×1270
45"×60"(75") 1530×1140
60"×60" 1530×1530
50"×67"(84") 1710×1280
70"×70" 1800×1800
60"×80"(100") 2030×1530
84"×84" 2130×2130
72"×96"(120") 2440×1830
96"×96" 2440×2440
81"×108"(135") 2740×2060
108"×108" 2740×2740
8"×10"(150") 3050×2290
120"×120" 3050×3050
9"×12"(180") 3660×2740
144"×144" 3660×3660
120"×160"(200") 4060×3050
250" 5080×3810
300" 6100×4570

All of above electric screen parameters include black border, other sizes can be customized according to customer's request.

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